A Return to Virtue

Lately there has been a lot on the news about different approaches people wish to take to combat budgetary, educational, health-related, and a whole slew of other problems faced by the people of our nation. As I try to follow these current events, sometimes it can be discouraging that people seem to completely miss the mark with their suggested solutions.

As I have been reading about these things, thinking about them, and discussing them with others, my mind has been brought back time and time again to a talk I heard a couple of years ago. On September 13, 2009, Elaine S. Dalton spoke to the young adults of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints about leading the world in a "Return to Virtue". Virtue is sexual purity in desires, thoughts, and actions. It engenders strength and confidence. At one point during her talk, under the section entitled A Return to Virtue Could Save a Nation, she said the following:


We live in a world that is concerned about cleanliness and purity—the cleanliness of our air and the cleanliness of our environment, our water, and even our food. In some places we legislate against pollution and even have government-funded environmental protection agencies to ensure that we are not made ill by contaminants that get into our air, our water, or our food supply. Yet society tolerates moral pollution in the form of pornography on billboards, television, and the Internet and in entertainment and other media. We tolerate filth that invades our minds through suggestive lyrics, music, and language. In some respects we are an organic generation ensuring purity and quality in our lives, and yet we are polluting our moral fiber. I believe that the lack of virtue in our society is directly responsible for many of our social, financial, and governmental ills. I believe that the disintegration of faith and families and the financial unrest are directly related to a lack of virtue in our society. And I believe that a return to virtue could save an entire nation.

We call for a social reform, but what is really needed is a moral reform—a call for a return to virtue.

I whole-heartedly agree with Elaine Dalton. The whole talk is excellent, and the text, audio, and video can be found here. As I think about the troubles facing this nation and the world, nothing seems like it would solve more problems in our personal and collective lives than a return to virtue. As people turn from their selfish, lustful pursuits and focus their efforts outward, productivity and goodwill will increase. Many of the dangers that threaten the family will dissolve. Strong families educate and nurture the type of responsible, level-headed citizens that made America great. This bipartisan solution would be more effective than any policy I know of, and it would resolve a deep problem that directly or indirectly affects us all.

What do you think? What impact would a national return to virtue have on your life?

Posted March 21st, 2011 in Politics, Religion.