A Year of Personal Analytics

A couple years ago I read a blog post by Stephen Wolfram about personal analytics. In his post, he showed a number of different types of personal data he's collected over the past couple decades, as well as some interesting insights revealed by graphing the data. I was immediately fascinated, and felt somewhat of an […]

#SfN13: Day 5

Today was the last day of SfN 2013. Posters came down, airplanes took off, and tears were shed as we all embraced and listened to Green Day's "Good Riddance" one last time together. As a first timer at the meeting, I was pleasantly surprised at how useful it was. Most conferences I've been to previously […]

#SfN13: Day 4

Probably the coolest thing I've seen so far at SfN 2013 is the exhibit by Backyard Brains. They're a company that makes neuroscience tools for educators and DIY neuroscientists. I could play with their stuff all day, and the crowd that was gathered around their booth showed that I wasn't alone. Here are a couple […]

#SfN13: Day 3

Ed Boyden gave a fascinating lecture today about a variety of methods that he's worked on with a swath of other scientists and engineers. Each method was powerful on its own, and to hear about them all in one talk was quite amazing. Here's an overview of them: Automated patch-clamping. Whole-cell patch-clamp already exists, enabling […]